Kel's Your Body & Mine is a Jamaican based beauty store located in one of the best parishes in Jamaica!!. Kel's was launched/opened on May 8th 2017. Before it was Kel's it was just Your Body & Mine, however another company had something similar so my agent suggested why not use my name in front!!. Kel stands for my full name which give it more character and personailty. Kel's is owned by Kerona whose not only a small business owner but she's also a blogger and small youtuber at Ms Sparkle & Glow who enjoys inspiring and helping others in anyway she can. 

Kel's sells both Jamaican and International products ranging from: Makeup, hair care and skincare products and accessories. As the name body is mentioned, Kel's is all about beauty and taking care of the body from head to toe. Take care of you for you!!.